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Fricttion Type Currency Counters

P-106D Features:

  1. Built -in carring handle for easy transport.
  2. Operator-variable presetting from 1 to 999.
  3. Add function - available for accumulating the numbers of counted notes .
  4. Stops and sounds alarm for the possible errors (double, short, chain, half,)
  5. Enhanced self diagnostics.
  6. Optional customer display.
  7. Ultra-violet and magnetic counterfeit detection. (option)
  8. Counting speed: three selectable speeds: 800, 1000, 1200 notes /min

RT Bill Counter :

  1. Automatic detecting with UV (ultraviolet) and MG (magnetic) while counting
  2. Suitable for most currencies in the world
  3. Automatic start , stop and clearing
  4. With batching , adding and self-examination functions
  5. Double-notes detecting
  6. Automatic half-note detection

Product Parmeters:

Physical Parameters
Dimension:(L) 292mm (W) 246mm (H) 178mm
Size of carton:(L) 600mm (W) 335mm 225mm
20 foot container:(L) 5.69m (W) 2.13m (H)2.18m 485ctns/20"
40 foot container:(L) 11.8m (W) 2.13m (H)2.18m 1026ctns/40"
Net weight:5.3 kg
Gross weight:13.7 kg (2 pcs)
Technical Parameters
Power supply/frequency:AC23010% 50Hz/60Hz
AC12010% 60Hz%
Power consumption:≤70W (max)
AC current:≤0.3A (max)
Counting speed:≥1000pcs/min
Size countable note:L:50~100 w:90~186
Thickness of countable note0.06mm~0.12mm
Environmental Parameters
Working environment:Temperature: 0C~40C
humidity: 40~90% RH
Storage environment:Temperature: -25C~55C
humidity: 10~95%RH
Noise:<60 dB

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